Culled from almost every type of traditional and modern bodywork therapy, “Sports Massage” is a combination of techniques from different modalities that are best applied to the soft tissue group affected by specific repetitive motions . As such, great sports massage therapists are highly valued among professional and amateur athletes, performers, and even other therapists. Effective sports massage requires an advanced understanding of not only anatomy and physiology, but sports ergonomics as well. An exceptional understanding of the movements required to accomplish a perfect golf drive, or a blistering baseball pitch, or even which soft tissue groups will be hyper-extended during a full arm bar submission in Sports MassageMixed Martial Arts fighting, is also critical. A great sports massage therapist will be especially well trained in deep tissue, neuromuscular or trigger point therapy, Rolfing, FMT (Fascial Movement Taping) and IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) among other more common modalities. To use our golf example, if you’re drives are not as accurate or long as you would like, your sports massage therapist may focus on Sports Massage for golfyour upper and lower back muscle groups, relaxing and stretching them so you can achieve better hip and back rotation when you drive, and then relieve them afterward for faster recovery and more efficient muscle memory. During competition, you’ll be better prepared to hit the ball harder because your therapist was focused on understanding the sport itself and effectively integrating the right methods and muscle groups for what you want to accomplish. In this way, sports massage is an integral part of an effective training regimen because it promotes better performance and faster injury recovery. It's important to understand that even though almost all massage therapy treatments will benefit in some way, only highly trained therapists are going to be able to measurably improve athletic performance. This is why the best sports therapists are so in demand, and those who are athletes themselves are even more highly sought after, because their understanding of athletic performance goes beyond bodywork education. The best Sports Massage Therapists are just a few clicks away! We make it easy to schedule appointments with professionally licensed Sports Massage Therapists 7 days a week, at your home or office, or at a therapists’ private clinic across San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and many other regions of California.

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