Qigong is a broad term for any one of several forms of breathing and movement exercise originating in ancient China about the same time as the emergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves mindful, meditative imagery along with a set number of exercises and deep breathing to stimulate the movement of qi energy about the body. Movements are designed to massage the internal organs, breaking up stagnation and visceral adipose tissue, and deep breathing pulls the diaphragm, which further facilitates organ movement. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, movement equals health and stagnation equals sickness. Qi gong is a very powerful form of healing and should only be attempted under the strict supervision of a doctor of qi gong medicine until you are comfortable with daily practice. As you become more advanced in your study of qi gong forms, maintain your connection with your instructor in order to progress safely and properly. Qi gong is an art that cannot be mastered in a single lifetime, so you will never lack room for improvement.

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