Nambudipad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, otherwise known as NAET, is a relatively new therapy that involves using light acupressure, acupuncture, or even monochromatic light applied along both sides of the spinal column in an area where the energy flow of a meridian intersects with the nerve roots at acupressure points. This is done to make the patient receptive to the allergen's particular energy signature without causing a reaction. Patients are first tested using muscle testing or biofeedback machines while holding potential allergens within glass vials, because glass is neutral, in their hand. Once major known and unknown allergens have been identified, a preliminary series of treatments for the 12 major common allergens, such as wheat, dairy, eggs, sugar, salt, corn, and yeast is administered. Patients are then directed to avoid these substances for a full 24 hour cir NAETcadian cycle, after which the body will no longer recognize the substance as a pathogen and trigger a histamine response. Sometimes patients may exhibit particularly intense allergic reactions to substances that are present in their own blood, which is usually indicated by low energy, frequent bouts of sickness, insomnia, or non-local pain within the body. In these cases it's essential to test out of the 12 most common allergens and restrict the diet in order to strip the body of all traces of allergy causing compounds. Often, environmental reactions may require that the patient stay with friends or elsewhere in order to avoid having a reaction to a common allergy. Pets and dust are the typical allergens that may need to be avoided altogether for several days while the treatment progresses. In this way allergens in the home such as pets, flora, and food may be systematically eliminated permanently. NAET is considered a safe, effective, natural approach to detecting and eliminating all types of allergies and can be performed on anyone, regardless of age.

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