Ashiatsu bar therapyAshiatsu in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego uses deep compression effleurage strokes by the practitioner’s bare feet to glide over the body, which helps relieve pain resulting from chronic soft-tissue damage. Correct application provides deep relaxation while the practitioner’s feet are easily able to stretch the chronic, shortened muscles of the body. Suspended bars are used above the head to support the weight of the practitioner, and for leverage, and lubricant is essential for proper application. Correct application of two-footed strokes near the spine create pushing, pulling, pumping effects on the intervertebral disc space and is effective at relieving irritation or compression on the spinal nerve. For people who want really deep, sustained compression then ashiatsu is a great choice. Bodybuilders, wrestlers, and anyone who has chronically sore and tense muscles will benefit from the deep work that it delivers. Because of the nature of the therapy, ashiatsu is always performed at a specific clinic or studio, and not commonly available from mobile therapists.  

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