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If you’re looking for the best Mar Vista therapeutic massage with an expert practitioner you have found it! Mar Vista neuromuscular therapy center Solutions To Pain is one of the leading Neuromuscular Therapy clincs in Southern California.

Mar Vista neuromuscular therapyLiving with pain takes away from your quality of life.  Pain can limit your activities, and take away the pleasure of the things you do.  John Brauer has successfully treated people suffering from low back, neck and shoulder pain, TMJ, headaches, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, etc.

These treatments are not your typical massages.  The sessions are focused on getting results.  After appropriate postural and range of motion assessments, your treatment will be structured based on your unique situation. The goal is to return you to pain-free living. This is why my clients consistently say that I provide the best Mar Vista therapeutic massage available; because it works. When it comes to sports massage, John’s Mar Vista neuromuscular therapy clinic provides the specialized techniques that athletes and active people need to compete at their peak potential.

Virtually all neuromuscular therapy treatments will start with a postural evaluation, and pelvic stabilization.  (This often involves getting on and off the table, to assess progress being made.  For this reason, male clients usually wear a pair of loose shorts, women wear shorts and a sports bra or swimsuit top.)  Moving toward symmetry and stabilizing the pelvis can mean the difference between temporary relief from pain, or lasting release from your pain.  35 muscles attach to either the pelvis or sacrum, exerting forces from above and below.  Balancing these forces can eliminate pain. At Solutions To Pain, John’s Mar Vista neuromuscular therapy clinic, these techniques and more are used to treat athletes, active people, office athletes, people in pain and people with chronic conditions


What is Neuromuscular Therapy?

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) treatments are based upon ” Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Therapy Manual,” by Dr. Janet Travell (White House physician for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson) and Dr. David Simons.  NMT uses the application of various hands-on techniques to resolve a wide range of pain syndromes.

The treatment/rehabilitation process involves these steps:

1. Reduce Spasm, Ischemia and Trigger Points
2. Enhance Flexibility (stretching, lengthening)
3. Build Muscle Tone and Balance
4. Increase Stamina
5. Develop Proper Posture, Motion, Breathing

Solutions To Pain Mar Vista Neuromuscular Therapy Clinic addresses four main factors causing pain:
  • Postural Imbalances
  • Ischemia
  • Trigger Points
  • Nerve Entrapment or Compression

Postural imbalances: Imbalances, or abnormal posture, increase the work load for postural muscles, alter muscle function, and cause fatigue.  One example is forward head posture.  Every inch your head moves forward relative to your torso adds 12 pounds to the load on your posterior neck muscles, which now must take on the responsibility to constantly hold up your head.

Ischemia:  Pain results from insufficient blood flow to a muscle, often due to muscle tightness.  This results in a shortage of the nutrients needed by the muscle fibers, and a buildup of pain-causing waste products.

Trigger Points: Trigger points are hypersensitive contractures in muscle fibers, usually found in the muscle belly, which cause referred pain, tenderness and disruption of muscle function.

Nerve Entrapment or Compression:  Muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs and bone can put pressure on nerves, resulting in pain – for example, sciatica, or thoracic outlet syndrome (tingling and/or pain radiating down the arm), etc.
Find out if NMT is the solution to your pain:  310-251-6881

John Brauer started his practice in 1992.  He is accomplished in a range of treatment modalities, including learning Neuromuscular Therapy from Paul St. John, Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy from Erik Dalton, and connective Tissue Integration form Garnet Dupuis.  Education is an ongoing process, as each course of study and its clinical application reveal further the complexities of the human body, and raise new questions and possibilities.  Each type of treatment has its specific strengths; used together, they offer solutions to a host of pain syndromes. He has maintained his commitment to be the best Mar Vista therapeutic massage practice available to the community.

John looks forward to assisting you in bringing your body back to a place of pain-free health.

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