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Laguna Beach Susan Pinto movement therapyIt’s All About the Movement . . .

When You Are Blending The Feldenkrais Movement & CranioSacral Therapies Together.

I am Susan Pinto M.A., C.S.T.-D, C.F.T.
The ability to heal through self-correction lies within each and every one of us. Accessing that ability maximizes the bodys potential. That’s why movement therapy is so important.

Self-Corrective Mechanisms® is a unique course series developed by Susan Pinto, an internationally-known instructor in Advanced CranioSacral Therapy and the Feldenkrais Method®. A series that offers original lessons based on Feldenkrais practices, but designed with the craniosacral therapist and other bodyworkers in mind. The Feldenkrais Method addresses pain and chronic poor body use resulting from injury or structural imbalances. Specific movement awareness exercises enable clients to move more efficiently with reduced pain and minimum danger of re-injury.

Self Corrective Mechanisms takes it one step further. The critical emotional and spiritual aspects of healing are embraced as well. This makes it a natural complement to manual approaches such as craniosacral therapy.

As a craniosacral therapist or other bodyworker, the Self-Corrective Mechanisms series gives you the opportunity to:

* Enhance your own freedom of movement in your everyday life and work with your clients
* Refine your palpation and treatment skills through increased kinesthetic sensitivity
* Support your patients’ ability to heal themselves through greater body awareness

Orange County’s Susan Pinto has a private practice in Laguna Beach, California. Her background in developmental movement and movement education combined with Craniosacral therapy is unique and effective. While engaged in her teaching and private practice, Susan has developed her own body of work, Self-Corrective Mechanisms® combining CranioSacral therapy and Feldenkrais sensorimotor learning. These courses are offered through the International Association of Healthcare Educators.

Susan co-authored the SERII study guide with Dr. Upledger and has been an instructor for the Upledger Institute since 1991. Her areas of teaching include SER II, Advanced CranioSacral I and Advanced CranioSacral II.

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