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best Laguna Beach massageI’m Susan Hart a massage and bodyworker since 1982 and I have created a form of Structural Integration Bodywork in a form of Massage Therapy, The Hart Method which many consider the best Laguna Beach massage therapy available. As a forerunner in the evolution of Bodywork, I have been actively engaged in the ongoing education of the public regarding this miraculous, life-changing ancient art. I want to share what I’ve learned on my journey with you as your therapist.

What Is The Hart Method?

For many years my clients relay to me by saying, “I have never experience this type of massage before.” The Hart Method is a road map which has led to the technique called Structural Massage Therapy (SMT). The system, like its name, underscores the need for patterned order in the human body. This structural pattern exists; work in SMT is not so much creating this pattern as uncovering it. General massage therapy does not meet this type of relief in the human body. This is a pain free method of bodywork. That’s why my clients say it’s the best Laguna Beach massage therapy available!

Once you begin forcing yourself to maintain misaligned posture your structure AND your posture are at war. Your muscles shorten, which then causes your skeletal system to go out of alignment. Along with the skeletal problems, your muscles start hurting, the body starts compensating, and as we age we therefore believe that this is now what we are supposed to feel like.

Over the years I’ve taught seminars, been interviewed and written articles for magazines, plus I’ve been interviewed on television about my lifelong commitment. As an early member of the American Massage Therapy Association, I’ve taken a personal role in the growth of the art of Bodywork here in the Western United States. I’ve taught in California, Oregon and Washington, and helped educate many of my students, enabling them to move on to become therapists themselves. I’ve always felt that emphasizing how we perceive the body facilitates a higher quality of treatment. I am now glad to announce that I am teaching advance students and professional massage therapist to evolve in there work, so they can meet the needs of the general public.

The basis, the core value of my work, has been centered upon the re-patterning of our respective bodies muscle groups. As we age our bodies change, our respective postures shift, we loose our natural gait as we walk and let’s face it, our bodies just don’t feel as limber, as fluid anymore. Much of what I can do for you is reintroduce, that is give your body back, that fluid sense of movement by improving your posture. This is an aspect I introduced years ago as part of my Structural Massage Therapy, my particular chosen form of therapy.

“Anyone can take a body apart; very few know how to put it back together.” Dr. Ida Rolf

Over these same years I’ve worked conjunctively with a wide gamut of chiropractors, and many of my clients have been orthopedic patients that have had: shoulder, knee, hip, feet, neck surgeries, dancers, sports enthusiasts like long distance runners, triathletes, golfers, surfers and yes, everyday people with everyday stresses. I know the rigors and resulting problems of “extreme” sports participants. Today, at what many consider the best Laguna Beach massage studio, I continue to change peoples lives with my work.

“Your feet are the core, ‘the soul’ foundation of the structure in your body.” Susan Hart

I’m now bringing my technical expertise in Bodywork, located at Canyon Spa, Laguna beach, CA. I look forward to working with you if you’re one of those people prepared to lessen your discomfort and pain. Together, let’s create an atmosphere of positive change for you and for your body’s muscular system. I promise you will experience the best Laguna Beach massage available!


Dearest Susan,
You truly are a miracle worker. I know many people who get bodywork done always feel “so good” after treatment, but you go above and beyond. Your touch last a very long time.

Just as Pavarotti (the greatest Italian singer) once said in an interview: “God touched my vocal chords so that I may be able to sing as I do for people”, God has touched your hands and soul so that you could give healing benefits to your clients. I truly believe this.

Thank you for all that you have done for me. I will never forget you.

CC/Laguna Niguel

Having Massage Therapy for many years around the world, Susan is the first therapist/Bodyworker that has made such a difference in my life. My posture is aligned, my gait and body is very fluid. When I sit at my desk and I am not in a correct posture I am in pain. Susan has educated me and changed my life. Thank you.

CC/Laguna Beach

Ah….. Susan, thank you….. thank you…..thank you.
I feel so blessed to have your healing to have regained movement in my neck after one treatment is so amazing to me. I can’t wait and see how I’ll feel after several treatments with you! Thank you for showing up in my life!!!

M McP/Laguna Beach

Dear Susan,
I want you to know that you have been a tremendous help to me. I began to notice a remarkable difference after a few sessions, and I am convinced that overall condition has improved. THANK YOU. YOU MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE

LA/Laguna Woods


“What you do for me is great. Having seriously injured my body some years ago, I get very painful muscle pains and spasms in my neck, back and hips. I have sought acupuncture, acupressure and massage all over the world. Other then a Sumo Wrestler built therapist in Beijing, China – no one has been as effective in stretching and releasing those tight, painful muscles as you… Don’t ever retire, I need you.”

SV of Laguna Beach

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