The Best Beverly Hills Sports Massage with Samantha Avery

In order to provide the best Beverly Hills sports massage, learning new concepts in my field is a personal requirement to better serve my clients.   After many years working as a Beverly Hills medical massage therapist, I discovered Russian Medical Massage/ Advanced Rehab Sports Massage techniques and consider them to be the most profound and useful concepts available to athletes and active people worldwide. I have received over 850 hours of sports massage training, much of which from world renowned Russian sports massage expert Oleg Bouimer, former professional athlete from the Ukraine and current Director of Advanced Studies at Southern California Health Institute. Currently he is instrumental in working with the Russian Olympic triathlon team in Brazil. Because of his expertise and training I believe that I provide the best Beverly Hills sports massage you can find.

Russian sports massage techniques are based on successfully proven scientific practices, and I gain complete confidence with my clients due to effective measurable results. I enjoy traveling nationwide to continue my training and learn advanced techniques in this specialty.  It is important that I continue building on knowledge and expanding my range of expertise so that my practice at my Beverly Hills medical massage studio is a real service to my community. My clients all agree that the techniques and expertise I bring to the table make for the best Beverly Hills sports massage available.

Advanced Beverly Hills Medical Massage

Beverly Hills Medical massage certificationI am currently one of only twelve people in the nation to hold a Certified Medical Massage Certificate. As an expert of medical massage, I specialize in a variety of massage techniques at my Beverly Hills medical massage studio.  Working with a large variety of clients over many years has taught me that no two bodies have the same needs.  This is why I’ve spent so many hours learning different techniques and the anatomy/physiology of the human body, to better serve my clients.

My training in medical massage comes from the Science of Massage Institute (SOMI), which is headed by Dr. Ross Turchaninov who, besides being the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Massage Science, is also the author of more than 75 scientific and educational papers and other publications in European and American medical and massage journals. He has also authored three major textbooks: Medical Massage, Volumes I and II, and Therapeutic Massage: A Scientific Approach. SOMI provides its graduates with skills culled from the last 100 years of clinical trials and research, and science backed techniques and protocols. Dr. Turchaninov’s textbooks and institutional curriculum represent the gold standard of medical massage practices in the United States.

Some of these techniques include Neuromuscular Therapy which is the care of soft tissue pain and dysfunction, specialization of Neck/Cervical Spine and Low Back/Pelvic Pain, and even Sport Massage for athletes or weekend warriors. I also specialize in Russian Medical Massage. When these techniques are combined and integrated into a session, the overall results will help athletes, active people, and even office athletes achieve their goals. That’s why you want the best Beverly Hills sports massage available to you, so that you can achieve results!

Below is a review of which I am particularly proud:

“Samantha is a terrific. She gives a great massage, but shines when it comes to helping people with muscular/skeletal pain.  I have had sciatica in my right leg for two years.  The pain had become intense and radiated down my leg. The whole lower back had become involved, and the pain kept me from sleeping.  I started getting relief the first time I saw her, and now two months later I am vastly improved–sleeping better, taking mile-long walks and resuming my normal life.”

Please check out this case study for medical massage!

Russian Sports and Medical Massage Modalities

If you’re looking for the best Beverly Hills sports massage then look no further!

Russian Medical Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Sports Massage
Deep tissue
Neuromuscular Therapy

The Upledger Institute
Southern California Health Institute
Massage School of Santa Monica
California Healing Arts College


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