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Review and leave feedback on the therapists you discover!

We think our community of therapists, doctors, and students, are some of the best around and we want to know what you think as well! Please take a moment to rate and leave feedback for any therapist from whom you’ve received treatment. We’ll be sure to let them know their patients are raving about them.

Our rating system for each therapist, clinic, or studio is based on four categories and an overall experience modifier. The four categories are:

Punctuality | Focus |  Relief | Communication

  1. How punctual was your therapist with your scheduled appointment? Were changes to your appointment time or date communicated effectively? Did you receive the full treatment and the full amount of time you paid for?
  2. How focused was the therapist on specific area of complaint(s)?   Did you get bodywork on the area where you wanted it? Was the pressure what you wanted? Was the therapist’s focused intention what you expected?
  3. Did the session result in measurable relief from your complaint(s)?   Was there an identifiable reduction in pain/stiffness/immobility during or after your treatment? Did your relief last? Was your complaint eliminated completely?
  4. How clearly were symptoms, treatment, and prevention explained?   Was your diagnosis/cause/treatment explained to you clearly? Were your questions and concerns addressed? Were you advised on how to avoid re-injury/relapse?

In addition to these four main categories, please indicate whether your experience was overall:

Positive | Neutral | Negative

  • Positive | Your overall experience exceeded your expectations in terms of professionalism, quality, and results. You would actively recommend this therapist to your friends and family gladly.
  • Neutral | Your experience met with your expectations and you are overall satisfied with the results of your therapy session. You might recommend this therapist, among others, when prompted.
  • Negative | Your experience fell far short of your expectations and you are unsatisfied with the professionalism, quality, and/or results of your therapy session. You would actively discourage others from contacting this therapist.

These feedback ratings and reviews help everyone find the very best traditional health care practitioners in their area, and provide better visibility to those therapists who really stand out in their field. We take these ratings very seriously because we want our site users to be able to trust that reviews and feedback are treatment specific and represent a real benchmark of quality.

Because of our high standards, all reviews will pend approval for content. This doesn’t mean that negative reviews won’t post, but negative reviews that disparage things outside of a therapist’s control may be edited before posting, or deleted completely.  For example, “traffic to the therapist’s office was a nightmare and there was no parking!” or “I had to wait 30 minutes for an appointment because the place was so busy!”, do not speak to the therapists ability or professionalism and wouldn’t be approved.

However a negative review that included, for example, “I went in for neck and shoulder pain and he gave me a full body massage.” or “I had to wait 30 minutes to make an appointment even though the place was empty!”,  are good, subjective reviews that will likely be approved.

Please use good judgment when leaving reviews and feedback. Our goal is helping the top practitioners in your area get the recognition they deserve for assisting so many people to achieve better health!