About TMT – Experienced Traditional Medical Therapists

Read about TMT, where you can find the best professional TMT practitioners just a few clicks away! We make it easy to schedule appointments with professionally licensed traditional medical therapists 7 days a week, at your home or office, or at a therapists’ private clinic.

Our extensive screening process insures that therapist’s are known for providing measurable relief through outcome based therapeutic treatments in their area.  If you’re not sure of the best treatment for you, please take a moment to peruse some therapy descriptions, or type or choose the therapy you are looking for into our search bar above. Traditional medical practitioners such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, rolfers, and holistic doctors in your area will be displayed and you can book a traditional medical therapy session with them easily. We also work with the best instructors of Yoga, the martial arts, and other kinesthetic forms of traditional therapy.

Traditional Medical Therapy is committed to total professionalism from start to finish. We believe that traditional medicine is a stepping-stone to your better health, and shouldn’t have to be an expensive, ongoing treatment protocol. Our goal is to connect you with a practitioner who understands how to help you immediately, and can provide measurable results in as few treatments as possible, ideally just one! That way you can get on with your life and simply contact us for wellness massage therapy when you feel like it, and not because you’re suffering. You’ll save time, and most importantly, money when an experienced therapist can fix your health issue quickly.  Of course many chronic, degenerative conditions are not so easily cured, and multiple sessions may be necessary. If so, many therapists offer lower rates for bulk treatment packages.

If this is your first visit, please familiarize yourself with some different therapies across San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and many other regions of California and talk to some practitioners! If you’ve always wondered what traditional medicine is all about TMT is the place to discover the best in your area!


Some therapists may be able to bill your insurance company, but because every insurer is different please email us to confirm. Many states, do not have an “Every Category Law” that offers traditional medical therapists the ability to become contracted “care providers” through the major medical insurance company networks.  This makes billing insurance for alternative and traditional medicine quite challenging. Traditional Medical Therapy is working to change all that by advocating that patients get their traditional medicine covered by their medical insurance, and working with traditional practitioners to standardize best practices with primary care physicians. In some states like Washington, traditional patients are averting hospitalization, and fewer hospitalized injuries require surgery.  Our hope is that research and cooperation will confirm what traditional medical practitioners and their patients have known for years; traditional medicine works, it’s measurable, and it’s holistic.


Traditional Medical Therapy takes your privacy protection very seriously. At all times we are in compliance will the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 as well as The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009, and won’t release any of your private medical information to a third party unless the request is HIPAA compliant and you expressly consent, in writing, to the release of your medical information.